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The Thing Lou Couldn't Do

Sellers Price:

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Author: Ashley Spires
  • Category: Picture Books
  • Reading Age: 03-07
  • Publisher: Kids Can Press
  • Published: 02 May 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1771387279
  • Pages: 32
  • Tags: Faith | Strength

Seller's Description:

_ã–Lou and her friends are BRAVE adventurers. They run FASTER than airplanes. They build MIGHTY fortresses. They rescue WILD animals._㝠But one day, when they're looking for a ship to play pirates in, Lou's friend has an idea: _ã–Up there! The tree can be our ship!_㝠_ã–Ummm ..._㝠says Lou. This is something new. Lou has never climbed a tree before, and she's sure she can't do it. So she tries to convince her friends to play a not-up-a-tree game. When that doesn't work, she comes up with reasons for not joining them --- her arm is sore, her cat needs a walk, you shouldn't climb so soon after eating. Finally, she tells herself she doesn't want to climb the tree. But is that true, or is this brave adventurer just too afraid to try?This delightful picture book from Ashley Spires, bestselling author of The Most Magnificent Thing, perfectly depicts what children go through when confronted with something difficult. With humor and endearing artwork, Spires sensitively portrays Lou procrastinating, making excuses, imagining alternatives and denying she cares. Ultimately, Lou faces her fear, and although she fails, the effort empowers her, encouraging a growth mindset. All the while, Lou's friends model compassionate friendship by offering to teach her how to climb and then moving the game. This book makes a perfect choice for a character education discussion about courage or resilience, or a life-skills lesson on facing challenges. The story also promotes the joy of imaginative play in the outdoors.

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