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Thanks a Million

Sellers Price:

  • Format: Library Binding
  • Author: Nikki Grimes
  • Category: Picture Books
  • Reading Age: 04-08
  • Publisher: Greenwillow Books
  • Published: 28 Feb 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0688172930
  • Pages: 32
  • Tags: Gratitude

Seller's Description:

_ã–Lends the _ãÄattitude of gratitude_ã_ relevance beyond Thanksgiving Day._㝠_ã”Booklist _ã–Offers a variety of reasons for giving thanks and feeling appreciation._㝠_ã”Bulletin of the Center for Children_ã_s Books Acclaimed poet Nikki Grimes and award-winning illustrator Cozbi A. Cabrera celebrate the joy of family, friends, and of feeling thankful. An inspirational and useful picture book that's perfect for educators, parents, and aspiring poets. What does it mean to connect with someone? What does it mean to feel thankful? Award-winning poet Nikki Grimes and Caldecott Honor artist Cozbi A. Cabrera honor human relationships_ã”from family to friendships to community bonds_ã”and the moments that bring us together. Beautiful and rhythmic, the text is written in a variety of poetic styles and forms, including letter poems, haikus, and riddles, among others. Richly detailed illustrations accompany each poem, making this a perfect pick for family as well as storytime sharing.

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