Smelly Fish Island

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  • Format: e-Book>Kindle
  • Author: Paul H. Sutherland
  • Category: Children's book
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  • Publisher: Squaring the Education Pyramid Institute (STEPi)
  • Published: 16 Oct 2022
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  • Pages:
  • Tags: Uplift Africa Project

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From the publisher, "On Smelly Fish Island, a young girl named Tipti Mara tells her story about stepping in fish pies, riding in a boat to the hospital, reading books, getting in trouble, and helping to save her island from some bad men. Tipti also adds a story for big kids and adults to read at the end of the book.Ô_Smelly Fish Island is a STEPi storybook designed, imagined, printed, illustrated and edited in Africa, especially for Africa_ã_s children."

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