Date : Feb 23, 2024 2024 Jumpstart Spiritual Playdate for Family Therapists and Practitioners Date : Feb 29, 2024 Intro to for Spiritual Playdate and Grandparents Date : Mar 1, 2024 Intro Sp Parents Date : Mar 7, 2024 Unity First Thursday Zoom Call Date : Mar 19, 2024 Jumpstart your Spiritual Playdate Program - Phillipines

Many of us grow up steeped in one ideology (religion) that teaches us beliefs about our source, and directs us how to live our lives; and we might think that everyone believes as we do. It can be both eye-opening and confusing to learn that there are thousands of varying religions that differ from, and may even conflict with our learned beliefs. Our playlist strives to introduce some religious literacy and create new understanding about these many systems of belief that we call "religions."


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