Date : Feb 23, 2024 2024 Jumpstart Spiritual Playdate for Family Therapists and Practitioners Date : Feb 29, 2024 Intro to for Spiritual Playdate and Grandparents Date : Mar 1, 2024 Intro Sp Parents Date : Mar 7, 2024 Unity First Thursday Zoom Call Date : Mar 19, 2024 Jumpstart your Spiritual Playdate Program - Phillipines

We call it the Universal Peace Hack! It is mostly taught to us as "Be Kind" or "Love Thy Neighbor," but the Golden Rule is an act of self-love. When we are unkind or ignore another's pain, our behavior leaves us feeling bad at our core. When we act in love and compassion towards another, we lift up our ourselves by lifting up the other! The Golden Rule shows us how deeply connected we all are; that we are not separate.  Listen to our playlist and let it inspire you to be Golden!


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