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Tips for Staying Connected While We're Apart

  • 29 May 2020

Whether you’re at home with your own kids; doing a virtual therapy session with a client; or bringing together lots of kids remotely for your youth program, Spiritual Playdate is the perfect space for connecting kids (and their grown-ups) in an engaging, heart-centered conversation and experience.

What makes Spiritual Playdate such a great online choice?

Online is where we live!

Members can access all of our Soul Talks and theme-based children’s library and Spotify playlists on our website.

Register for our SP Plus membership and get access to over 45 sessions of social, emotional, and spiritual life skill development for only $2 per month. 

Teachers and Therapists:

Are you trying to bring a group together online?

Rev. Kate Jordan, Youth Ministry Director for Unity on the North Shore (an Affiliate of Spiritual Playdate) is leading her Sunday Soul School program online with Spiritual Playdate Soul Talks. She is even able to break up the larger group into their separate classes. Here’s how she’s doing it:

  • Get a video conferencing app like Zoom. (If you have multiple classes that meet at once, choose one that has breakout room capability.)

  • Send out your meeting invitation to your teachers and families with log-in information. If you want an extra layer of security, you can require pre-registration for your meeting.

  • Let your teachers and families know what Soul Talk you’re doing each Sunday, and what simple supplies they might need on hand for the creative expression part of the session.  If you share your group’s Spiritual Playdate log-in info, they can access the lessons online to prepare for class or continue the exploration with their families throughout the week.

  • You can pre-assign breakout rooms for each of your classes, so you can easily direct people into the rooms on meeting day.

  • Starting and ending your session together will allow your students to see all of their friends; while breakout rooms bring them the familiarity of their regular classes.

How are you using Spiritual Playdate to connect during this time of separation?

Let us know on our Facebook Page. Use #spiritualplaydate and share an image or story.
We continue to affirm health, happiness and peace for our world.

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