We’re standing at a crossroads and the clock is ticking.  Our brothers and sisters are crying out for a justice they have never known, and we can no longer stand by, hoping that someone else will stand with them.  We know too much to retreat — the only way forward is education, commitment and action.  And it’s up to us to help our children understand the importance of their role in creating a fair and just world.

Equality and equity are born out of awareness, empathy, and a strong sense of what is inherently right.  Spiritual Playdate’s “Justice” Soul Talk sessions take a social, emotional and spiritual approach to the biggest conversation on the world stage right now.  Kids and adults connect by talking about how injustice affects our lives, and the lives of people we don’t know.  We expand that understanding through creative activities, meditations, music and books.  We introduce the history of the struggle for justice and talk about the real-life heroes of civil and social rights movements and how they took action to bring about change.  But more importantly, we teach our kids to be today’s heroes and champions of justice.

Join us in standing up for justice, so all people can live in peace, dignity, safety, prosperity, and happiness.

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Justice” is one of the amazing Soul Talk topics available as part of the SP Plus program
Be sure to check out our Curated Children’s Library for books on Justice.
October 8, 2020