What is an Affiliate?

Global human resources concept. People Strategy Diagram with gloAffiliates are organizations or groups that are registered members of Spiritual Playdate with access to our full program. Affiliates may include houses of worship, interfaith organizations, wellness/wholeness organizations, yoga studios, peace organizations, corporations, or other interested groups. They can use the program in a variety of ways including as an in-house curriculum, for interfaith outreach by hosting a variety of Spiritual Playdate promoted gatherings in their community, or by using our welcoming interfaith branding to promote their peace-building programming. Affiliates are also cross-promoted on our social media platforms, and networked with other like-minded organizations through our program.

Why become an Affiliate?

Affiliates may have a variety of reasons for joining Spiritual Playdate.

Our member organizations ~register_affiliate

  • Share an interest in supporting interfaith youth education globally
  • Seek to promote religious literacy in order to eradicate faith-based bias
  • Are licensed to use the name Spiritual Playdate ™ and the Spiritual Playdate curriculum within their own organization
  • Benefit from outreach through a listing on our website to individuals or groups seeking to engage in interfaith discovery
  • Appear on our  Global Affiliate Locator Map so that they can be more easily discovered
  • Have access to the broader interfaith community of registered Spiritual Playdate Affiliates

Spiritual Playdate can be tailored to meet the needs of each group, depending on the type of organization.  For example, a house of worship may choose to use the curriculum for their own Sunday school program or enhanced programming, while an Interfaith Council might choose to host a Spiritual Block Party to bring folks together. It will be up to the Affiliate to determine what works best for them, but we do our best to support your work and treat you as a partner.

You can become an Affiliate member for an annual fee of $101.00. All annual Affiliate membership “fees” go to support the expansion of Spiritual Playdate. The amount of $101.00 was chosen with intention and signifies abundance.