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Vicki Garlock

United Religions Initiative (URI) The Interfaith Observer Jubilee! Community Church

She is the author of We All Have Sacred Spaces (July, 2020), a children’s book for kids age 4-10 and Interfaith Made Easy: Unit #1 – Peace (2018-2019), a 4-volume Bible-based interfaith curriculum for kids age 3 through 8th grade. Vicki earned her Ph.D. with dual specialties in neuroscience and cognitive development and served as a full-time Psychology professor for over a decade.

She then served as Nurture Coordinator and Curriculum Specialist for Jubilee! Community Church, a progressive-type Christian church, for over a decade. She has written almost 40 articles for The Interfaith Observer and a dozen faith-related posts for Multicultural Kid Blogs. Her next book Embracing Peace: Stories from the World’s Faith Traditions will be released in Summer, 2021


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