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Susan Cottrell

Freed Hearts

Susan Cottrell is the prominent voice for faith parents of LGBTQ children. She is a national speaker, teacher, theologian and counsellor with years of biblical study and discipleship experience. Through her nonprofit organization——Susan champions the disenfranchised with her characteristic tender-heartedness, and she zealously challenges Christians that love—of God and others—is the foundation of faith. Her two recent books are: “Mom, I’m Gay”—Loving Your LGBTQ Child Without Sacrificing Your Faith, and her brand-new release, True Colors: Celebrating the Truth and Beauty of the Real You, with cover endorsements by Dr. Mel White, author of Stranger at the Gate, and by the Human Rights Campaign. She and her husband Rob have been married for nearly 30 years and have five children, two of whom are in the LGBTQ community. They live in Austin, Texas.


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