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Hanna Brown Schock

Picture Book Theology Psychologist, Teacher & Writer

Hanna Brown Schock is a nationally certified school psychologist, experienced teacher, curriculum writer, and blogger who is passionate about helping others find the sacred in the ordinary. Her life’s work involves connecting aspects of common life to concepts of spirituality so that personal understanding and meaning are broadened. She especially enjoys demonstrating how secular stories can inform and enrich spirituality. In 2014 she launched Picture Book Theology (PBT), a blog in which she met the challenge of offering a picture book a day for a year that could be used in ministry and educational settings for children and adults. She continues to post regularly on PBT and offers products that can help others see how secular picture books, in particular, and secular stories, in general, can be practical tools for creating meaningful sacred learning experiences. As a curriculum writer, Hanna is best known for her children’s adaptation of Daniel Erlander’s popular book: Manna and Mercy: A Brief History of God’s Unfolding Promise for Mending the Universe. She describes this unusual book as a chronological presentation of the Christian Bible with a social justice orientation. Much more can be found at In addition, Hanna enjoys writing curricula for small group education, spiritual formation, and worship experiences. Hanna’s city and church are important influences on her ministry. She volunteers and worships with her husband and two teenaged children at First United Methodist in Birmingham, AL where only 2 blocks away a bomb at 16th Street Baptist Church killed 4 young girls in 1963. Hanna is a recent graduate of the Academy of Spiritual Formation and a life-long United Methodist.


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