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Social Emotional Learning and Spiritual Life Skills
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Frequently Asked Questions

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is an educational approach that aims to promote social and emotional skills. SEL is also referred to as “socio-emotional learning,” “social and emotional learning,” or “social-emotional literacy.”

It’s simple! You start with one of our themed Soul Talks, accessed online. Then all you need is a quiet space, a tablet or smartphone (or a session printout), and some basic supplies.

Teachers love us, but no teaching experience is required. Our user-friendly Soul Talks are created by teachers to make it easy for anyone to run an engaging session for both kids and adults.

Our Soul Talks are explorations of life issues and personal beliefs. There is no endorsement of any religion or way of thinking. You are invited to discover and engage with a world of ideas.

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Social Emotional and Spiritual Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) helps kids develop self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and the creation of a successful and happy life. By including a spiritual component into social emotional learning, Spiritual Playdate has created a holistic Peace Education program that will empower and better prepare kids for this complicated journey we call life.

Self-Awareness Skills

Kids will:

  • learn to identify their feelings
  • gain an appreciation and respect for themselves
  • begin to find their place in the world

Self-Control / Peacemaking Skills

Kids will:

  • learn coping methods for managing their emotions
  • be more prepared for life most challenging times of sadness, anger, and frustration
  • begin to develop authentic empathy for others 

Interpersonal Skills

Kids will:

  • learn the importance and rewards of healthy relationships in all spheres
  • begin to engage and communicate more confidently
  • see themselves as part of the larger human family

Critical Thinking Skills

Kids will:

  • learn how to examine concepts more deeply and with a goal of understanding
  • be given context and shown how look for more than one result
  • be asked questions, not be delivered answers

Spiritual Exploration

Kids will:

  • share in sessions that delve into what we call Spiritual Skills such as Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude, etc.
  • never be indoctrinated into any ideology, but always invited to participate in any conversation and dialogue with the hopes of gaining understanding
  • be included in open dialogue about guiding principals and many varied  faith traditions from around the world
  • be presented with factual information in order to provide basic religious literacy
  • be allowed to explore their thoughts and ideas about life and the universe with the hope of gaining wisdom

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