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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults"

- Frederick Douglass

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Soul Talks
Soul Talks

When we become peacemakers, we not only learn how to de-escalate conflict betwee

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Soul Talks
Violence & Nonviolence

Sadly, violence is something we see far too often.  It can rear its ugly he

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Soul Talks
World Religions

The Earth is home to a wide spectrum of people, cultures, and beliefs, and we do

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Spiritual Teachers

There is so much universal wisdom to be discovered in the lessons of the world's

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Soul Talks
Sacred Spaces

Have you ever been to a mosque, temple, church, synagogue or monastery? &nb

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Soul Talks
Living & Dying

Death can be one of the most difficult topics for grown-ups to broach with the k

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Social Emotional Learning and Spiritual Life Skills Provide New Strength and Hope for Kids

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Social Emotional and Spiritual

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) helps kids develop self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and the creation of a successful and happy life. By including a spiritual component into social emotional learning, Spiritual Playdate has created a holistic Peace Education program that will empower and better prepare kids for this complicated journey we call life.

Self-Control / Peacemaking Skills

Kids will:

  • Learn coping methods for managing their emotions
  • Be more prepared for life most challenging times of sadness, anger, and frustration
  • Begin to develop authentic empathy for others

Self-Awareness Skills

Kids will:

  • learn to identify their feelings
  • Gain an appreciation and respect for themselves
  • Begin to find their place in the world

Interpersonal Skills

Kids will:

  • Learn the importance and rewards of healthy relationships in all spheres
  • Begin to engage and communicate more confidently
  • See themselves as part of the larger human family

Critical Thinking Skills

Kids will:

  • Learn how to examine concepts more deeply and with a goal of understanding
  • Be given context and shown how look for more than one result
  • Be asked questions, not be delivered answers

Spiritual Exploration

Kids will:

  • Share in sessions that delve into what we call Spiritual Skills such as Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude, etc.
  • Never be indoctrinated into any ideology, but always invited to participate in any conversation and dialogue with the hopes of gaining understanding
  • Be included in open dialogue about guiding principals and many varied faith traditions from around the world
  • Be presented with factual information in order to provide basic religious literacy
  • Be allowed to explore their thoughts and ideas about life and the universe with the hope of gaining wisdom

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