Date : Feb 23, 2024 2024 Jumpstart Spiritual Playdate for Family Therapists and Practitioners Date : Feb 29, 2024 Intro to for Spiritual Playdate and Grandparents Date : Mar 1, 2024 Intro Sp Parents Date : Mar 7, 2024 Unity First Thursday Zoom Call Date : Mar 19, 2024 Jumpstart your Spiritual Playdate Program - Phillipines


"Who, what, and where is god?" may be one of the most asked questions ever. There are a vast number of ideas and beliefs about the existence of a creator or being(s) that might rule our lives. The complex nature of this concept is only deepened due to the varied ideas, suggestions and teachings over the centuries. While we cannot disprove the existence of god(s), we also have trouble producing indisputable evidence. So maybe it IS unknowable and that makes us yearn more for answers. Listen to our playlist and be sure to examine your beliefs about this enormous idea called god.


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