Date : Feb 23, 2024 2024 Jumpstart Spiritual Playdate for Family Therapists and Practitioners Date : Feb 29, 2024 Intro to for Spiritual Playdate and Grandparents Date : Mar 1, 2024 Intro Sp Parents Date : Mar 7, 2024 Unity First Thursday Zoom Call Date : Mar 19, 2024 Jumpstart your Spiritual Playdate Program - Phillipines

Before we can even learn to speak, we know that fairness and unfairness make us feel something. When we are treated fairly, we feel worthy and seen. When we are treated unfairly, we are diminished and feel like we are somehow less than others. The simple idea of fair treatment is the underlying basis for Peace in our society. Listen to this playlist and think about fairness and unfairness, and how simple acts can change our world for the better.


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