Winners Have Healthy Boundaries!

  • 30 Jul 2021

When we support our own health, we win.

In today’s go-go world, many parents, teachers and mentors define a child’s success by his or her ability to persevere and stick with commitments, even when they’re tough.

But this week, Olympic athlete Simone Biles reminded us all that grit, courage and strength can sometimes look like walking away when we need to.

At Spiritual Playdate, we believe in instilling children with the ability to listen to their mind, body AND soul when it comes to making important life decisions — so much so, that we even created a Soul Talk on it.  Click HERE for more details!  By teaching kids to stay in tune with their physical, mental and spiritual needs, they can learn to make better, more mindful decisions, and begin to take agency over their own mental well-being.

We support Simone, and all of the other professional athletes who inspire today’s kids to listen to their mind, body and soul, and ask you to share our #SoulTalk with others if you feel the same.

~ Julie Goudie, Spiritual Playdate        July 29, 2021


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