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New Learning for an Inclusive Generation

  • 18 May 2021

Reading, writing, math, science, and other school courses help kids prepare for future jobs. But there is more to life …​Spiritual and Values Education helps kids know themselves and the world around them better, so they can grow into happy, healthy, connected, and loving adults. Our world needs kind, thoughtful, and loving people — but our school teachers are already overwhelmed with all their assigned subjects and tasks, so who will fill the need for this special kind of learning? Our families, communities, faith centers, and youth organizations are the ones to do this vital work. But where to begin? How do we educate about topics that are outside of our knowledge base or expertise?​Don’t despair. You don’t need to be a spiritual leader to talk about God, Faith, or World Religions. You don’t need to be an ethics teacher to explore Justice, Bullying, or Inclusiveness. You don’t need to be a therapist to help a child understand Fear and Anxiety or Living and Dying.

Spiritual Playdate’s Soul Talks give you everything you need to guide kids inward to explore and expand their understanding and feelings about  life’s big issues — to introduce them to the wide, wonderful world around them, filled with amazing cultures, religions, and points of view — and all while having a lot of fun!​As we begin to move out of quarantine and back to in-person gatherings, Spiritual Playdate is a great way to open the doors of the mind and let in some fresh air. It’s time to reconnect, reinvigorate, and reimagine what is possible for our youth and to focus on what’s really important — creating a future of understanding, fairness, and social awareness.​It’s a new day.

Let Spiritual and Values Education lead the way to the world that we want for our children.

~ Kate Jordan, Spiritual Playdate    May 18, 2021


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