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Kate Trnka

The Sacred Earth Institute

Kate Trnka is a writer, educator, workshop facilitator, and small business owner. She is the founder of The Sacred Earth Institute and is the owner/operator of Alternatives Holistic Health & Wellness Center in Appleton, WI. Kate has served as the Lead Ambassador for the Environment Sector of the Charter for Compassion and is heading the Charter’s Compassion Tree Project. She is the author of the “If These Trees Could Talk” book series and Oracle Cards, creator of the “Our Sense-Able Nature: Mindful Reconnecting with Nature Activity Cards”, and has penned many poems. These cards were designed for teachers, families and individuals. Kate is an integral ecologist - combining the love of our Earth with one's spiritual life by experiencing the awe and wonder of the Creator's natural world. Then, engaging in compassionate actions to help bring balance to the planet by protecting, respecting and being in a reciprocal relationship with her. Having founded "Heal the Waters", an annual water ceremony held on May 1st, she hopes to get more and more people participating in water ceremonies around the world.


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