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Dr. Marty K. Casey

UnGUN Institute

Dr. Marty K. Casey is a Global Peace Ambassador, transitional trauma coach, speaker, and so much more. Her portfolio of contributions and body of work continues to evolve, as she combines her passion for the ARTS with her compassion for her community! Dr. Casey has built a fulfilling and impactful career that traverses entertainment and community service, an anointed singer, gifted actress, writer, producer, and director. No matter what hat she is wearing her noteworthy goal is pointed– “to heal our community, to provide a response and outlet for inbred trauma.” Dr. Casey asserts “Hurt people hurt people. Healed people heal people.” She has set out to support individuals, families, and communities heal with her latest development of UnGUN Institute©, focused on disarming Trauma in individuals, to heal from collective trauma events which plague the black communities. For many years now, Dr. Casey has leveraged her passion for Art, combined it with her compassion for Activism and in 2014 created Show Me Arts Academy, serving as the founder and Artistic Director positively impacting the lives of more than 3,000 kids, using the Arts to Heal. After more than three decades as a performing artist on major global stages, Marty K. Casey has transformed her craft beyond the world of entertainment to show the restorative power of the arts to heal hurting people. In 2020, just days before a forced lock down caused by a global pandemic, Dr. Marty performed her one-woman show in the Big Apple for the largest non-profit nation-wide, AARP New York. Dr. Marty brilliantly used the story of her own trauma-ridden life to give hope to a sold-out crowd. This performance shined the light on arts efficacy as a tool for mitigating trauma impact. Following her New York show, the close of theatres throughout the world brought an abrupt halt to Dr. Marty’s live performances, a pivotal moment that prompted Dr. Marty to relaunch her artistic focus to address a more pressing societal need: trauma impact resolution. Toward this end, Dr. Marty has leveraged the ARTS for therapeutic purposes, and in 2020, she founded UnGUN® Institute, where the display of synergy between applied arts and trauma healing could be maximized and experienced by the masses. In the span of just two years, Dr. Marty K. Casey and her Team have presented UnGUN® workshops for organizations such as Preferred Family Healthcare (St. Louis, MO); St. Louis Public Schools (St. Louis, MO); Blessed are the Peace Makers and National Black Police Association (Dallas, TX); The Peace Center (Bathe, Maine); St. Louis Service Women’s Post 404 (St. Louis, MO), indigoLife International Women’s Empowerment & Cultural Expo (Cordele, GA); and Ark of Safety Church (St. Charles, MO). To date, nearly 10,000 people have been positively impacted by UnGUN® methodology and strategies. An ode to her entertainment roots and with expected impact on the entertainment industry, UnGUN® products have been numerously featured inside the Gifting Suites of the Oscars and the Emmy Awards. Her message of healing and now her trademarked UnGUN Institute, ® approach for mitigating the impact of trauma have landed Dr. Marty on stages beyond the theatre to broader spaces that include government, education, business, healthcare, and community-based sectors. She has represented UnGUN Institute® as a featured presenter for the Parliament of the World’s Religion Global Conference; World Unity Week; World Peace Week; Alex Haley Museum; American Voice Foundation; General Congress of Women; African American Museum; Chosen for Change Foundation; The Michael O.D. Brown Foundation; and Shoot for the Stars Foundation (Hip Hop Artist Pop Smoke Memorial Foundation) to name a few. Dr. Marty is slated to serve as Keynote Speaker for Urban Expo Save Our Sisters Women's Empowerment Summit and workshop facilitator for the Accounting Career Awareness Program, sponsored by the National Association of Black Accountants Association St. Louis and Wells Fargo. Featured on the cover of the St. Louis Business Journal, Dr. Marty is lauded as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Businesswomen in St. Louis. In 2021, she received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award signed by President Joseph R. Biden. Dr. Marty actively serves on the Grants Council for in alignment with her mission to heal communities through the empowerment of recovery through expressive arts. Globally recognized as a transformational trauma coach, Dr. Marty K. Casey remains committed to equipping as many people possible with strategies, tools, and techniques for eradicating harmful responses to trauma that wreak havoc on families, communities, and the world, at large.

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