Soul Talks

family playdate

What is a Soul Talk?

Soul Talks are the heart and soul of Spiritual Playdate. They are the theme-based scripts that you will use to host your Playdates. Available for online viewing and printing, each Soul Talk features a guided discussion, activity, and meditation. As Fun Extras, each Soul Talk also includes a librarian-curated list of related children's books and a music playlist.

Why are Soul Talks important?

Engaging kids and encouraging development of their social, emotional and spiritual life skills is the foundation of a healthy and balanced life. It's vital to have these conversations when our children are young. The earlier we can introduce these concepts, the sooner our children can begin to master the skills that will help them embrace the many challenges (and joys) that are a natural part of every life. Kids and their grown-ups come together to discover, explore, and learn -- and have a lot of fun in the process.

Who are Soul Talks for?

Parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, mentors, therapists ... anyone who works with (or wants to connect with) kids. It can be a challenge to know where to start when we're talking about things like fear and anxiety, love, bullying, and faith. The beauty of Soul Talks is that we provide you with the toolkit to have these conversations confidently, without ideology or dogma.

What are the benefits of Soul Talks?

When children are invited to share their own beliefs and respect those of others, an empathetic connection is formed.  Guiding our youth to a deeper understanding of themselves and their fellow human beings will serve to create a world of peace, inclusion, compassion, and love.