Spiritual Playdate Terms of Use for an Affiliate Member
Affiliate Organizations Acknowledgment of Inclusive Nature of Spiritual Playdate,
Ethical Rules and Member Agreement

Accountability: To the Affiliate Organization’s Director and/or Group Leader

Term of Appointment:  One year, contingent upon satisfactory participation, renewal annually.

As an Affiliate of Spiritual Playdate, I hereby pledge that my organization will:

  1. Cultivate the goals of Spiritual Playdate by fostering inclusive dialogue in a non-judgmental and exploratory atmosphere, encouraging the use of techniques of guidance while including positive reinforcement rather than competition, comparison or criticism;
  2. Support the interfaith and diverse nature of this web-based program by encouraging openness to spiritual- beliefs (or non-beliefs) in all forms including but not limited to: God, Faith, Prayer, and Meditation;
  3. Strengthen and support Spiritual Playdate’s Partner Families and constituents to help children develop to their fullest potential and deliver the program in a positive environment of safety, support, and care;
  4. Strive to inspire Spiritual Playdate’s Partner Families and youth to view the world’s various cultural backgrounds with acceptance, tolerance, compassion, and love therefore refraining from any type of foul language or language that shows disregard for racial, ethnic, or cultural differences;
  5. Resolve any conflict or disagreement that may arise in a responsible and positive manner;
  6. Refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances, overt displays of sexual behavior, and any type of abusive behavior when engaging with any Spiritual Playdate participants. All Affiliates must always abide by any State and Federal Laws in effect.
  7. Immediately report any suspected abuse to my administrator, director, or the appropriate supervisor of my Affiliate Organization. I understand that failure to report suspected unlawful abuse to civil authorities is, according to the law, a misdemeanor.
  8. Give permission for Spiritual Playdate to use photographs or other media that may include my image or voice, or the image of my organization's facility to promote or interpret Spiritual Playdate programs and for possible use in future promotional materials. I understand that this authorization is continuous and may only be withdrawn by my specific recission of this authorization, for any reason, within 30 days of written notice.
  9. Release Spiritual Playdate, its agents, directors, consultants, and employees from all liability based on any damage, loss, or injury, whether it is the result of ordinary negligence or otherwise, caused to/by me or to/by my constituents from participation in the program. Affiliate shall defend, indemnify and hold Spiritual Playdate, its partners, directors, officers, employees and agents harmless against all liabilities, demands, claims, actions or causes of action, regulatory, legislative, or judicial proceedings or investigations, assessments, levies, losses, fines, penalties, direct damages, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys', accountants', investigators', and experts' fees and expenses, sustained or incurred in connection with the defense or investigation thereof, resulting from claims by third parties, whether for personal injury or otherwise, arising from the use Spiritual Playdate materials or trademarks shall indemnify Spiritual Playdate for any and all damages due to any improper or unauthorized use of the Spiritual Playdate materials or trademarks.
  10. It is expressly agreed that Affiliate is provided a non-exclusive license to use (1) the Spiritual Playdate trademarks and other intellectual (“Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property”).  Subject to the prior approval of the Spiritual Playdate, Affiliate may also use in its promotional materials Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property.
  11. Affiliate hereby acknowledges that Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property  is and will remain the sole property of Spiritual Playdate; that all uses of the Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property  will inure to the benefit of Spiritual Playdate;  and, Affiliate will not contest the validity or ownership of the Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property.
  12. The right to use the Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property shall immediately terminate upon the termination or cessation of the relationship between Spiritual Playdate and Affiliate. Upon termination, Affiliate will immediately (or by a date certain as agreed to in writing by the Spiritual Playdate) cease using the Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property. Any costs incurred by Affiliate in connection with the removal of the Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property will be the sole responsibility and expense of Affiliate.
  13. Use by Affiliate of the Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property shall be in strict compliance with the quality and usage standards set by the Spiritual Playdate.
  14. Any use of the Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property not specifically provided for in this agreement shall be adopted by Affiliate only upon prior approval in writing by the Spiritual Playdate.  Affiliate shall refrain from using the Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property in any derogatory or unsavory way, in connection with any illegal behavior, or in a way that might attract unfavorable publicity to the Spiritual. To ensure compliance with this provision, the Spiritual Playdate  shall have the right to inspect any facility, promotional materials or any other usage of the Spiritual Playdate Intellectual Property  by Affiliate.
  15. Refer all inquiries from the media or press to the Administrators of Spiritual Playdate; and
  16. All Affiliate members understand that any violation to the Spiritual Playdate  Terms of Use for an Affiliate Member  may be grounds for removal as a member.