Our Story

Close up of multi ethnic children's hands making pile against blue sky.

Who We Are

Spiritual Playdate is an L3C company: a mission-based corporation that puts its mission above its bottom line. Through a culture of conscious leadership and a focus on serving the global community, we seek to foster spiritual dialogue, creating a platform for understanding and communication. While contributions to L3Cs are not tax-deductible, contributions made to Spiritual Playdate by socially-conscientious organizations and individuals are applied directly to supporting our mission.

How We Came to Be

Spiritual Playdate began with three busy moms struggling to find a way to engage with their kids on a social, emotional, and spiritual level. Their goal was to create a time together in which they could share their beliefs and be heard; where everyone has permission to explore their ideas and feelings — a time that would also be fun!

For over two years, the moms created games, activities, and topics regarding different spiritual concepts and skills, and met weekly with their kids. Together, they began to dig deeply into these big (and sometimes challenging) ideas. They were surprised to find how much these discoveries helped them in their daily lives. And then … everyone’s busy schedules got in the way.

But the door had been opened.  And one mom continued the conversation with her kids.  As she shared with other parents and friends what she was doing, many of were interested to try it out with their kids and friends.  So she began molding the original format into an inclusive interfaith website, designed to give parents and mentors the tools, resources, and vocabulary to engage in spiritual conversations with kids … and Spiritual Playdate was born!

In our ever changing, modern world, Spiritual Playdate fosters dialogue through a gloval interfaith program enabling adults, kids, and organizations to explore and discover beliefs about the topic of god, through web-based educational tools designed to build bridges of acceptance and understanding.