Music Research Intern

We are in need of someone who can research music across cultures and faith traditions to complement the musical content of our Soul Talks.

Responsibilities and skills include:

  • Read through entire Spiritual Playdate website to familiarize yourself with content
  • Check for typos and insure links are active and report any issues
  • Review content of Soul Talks to identify key words and messages that will inform music selections
  • Conduct online searches for artists and music that would enhance the Soul Talk curriculum or be provided as a resource for members
  • Work closely with Curriculum Development Director to determine which music will be used with Soul Talks
  • Possibly contact artists to determine whether Spiritual Playdate can utilize their music to complement our curriculum if we link to their music in some way in order to drive traffic to them
  • Help to create diverse Spotify playlists related to Soul Talk topics

4-6 hours per week

Forward your resume with a cover letter stating your desired position and availability to