Footprints for Fairness

A Pop-Up Peace Activity

Here’s the perfect fun and interactive activity to explore peacemaking, non-violent protest, and social justice marching with your family, neighbors, or students. Whether you are gathering in groups or meeting virtually, all ages are invited to join in and leave their mark!

Footprints for Fairness

Marchers are flooding the world’s streets with chants, signs, and demands for an end to the oppression of inequality. When children understand the plight of others, and what they can do to bring about change, they are more likely to participate in creating a world that works for all. Now is the time to connect with our children and teens about the importance of fighting injustice and the power of non-violent protest. Peace Education is the key!

FOOTPRINTS FOR FAIRNESS is a creative, interactive exploration of marches for Peace and Human Rights: what they mean and how they can effect change.  

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What People Say

"I was tired of telling my kids, "This is what you believe." This is such a refreshing approach and I don't feel like I need all the answers in order to have the conversation."

Andrew B.

Father  of 3 boys

What People Say

"I love the topics, and it's been a success with our youth. Thank you so much.


Deb L.

Youth Ed Director

What People Say

"I feel like I have been able to talk to my kids in a more meaningful way now that we have started to talk about these kinds of topics. I have grown so much from the program. My kids really enjoy the meditations, too."

Cylvia R.

Mother of 1 boy and 1 girl