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Spiritual Playdate is an inclusive, interfaith web-based program that supports fun, engaging, social, and emotional learning while building the bridges of acceptance through group “Playdates” in the home or elsewhere. Kids and their parents, teachers, or mentors discover their beliefs through a diverse framework of faith-based and spiritual resources that we provide, which cover a variety of topics including World Religion, The Golden Rule, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love, Sacred Spaces, Spiritual Teachers, and more. In addition, we offer resources for interfaith and community outreach

Spiritual Playdate can also be used as a curriculum for youth organizations.

Soul Talk Sessions


People of color, women, immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, and the poor and homeless face daily (and often life-threatening) challenges all

Living and Dying
Soul Talk Sessions

Living & Dying

Death can be one of the most difficult topics for grown-ups to broach with the kids in their lives.  When we

Soul Talk Sessions


Love is a word that is tossed around a lot. “I love … my family, my friends, my dog, pizza,

Pandemic Lessons Learned
Pop-Up Chats

Pandemic Lessons Learned

The goal of this Pop-Up Playdate is to foster healthy conversation and connection about a timely topic. While we always

Soul Talk Sessions


When we become peacemakers, we not only learn how to de-escalate conflict between others, but we also create calm within

Pop-Up Chats


Can you imagine having to flee your home on a moment’s notice due to war, disaster, or oppression, and going

Soul Talk Sessions

Sacred Spaces

Have you ever been to a mosque, temple, church, synagogue or monastery?  There are many sacred spaces around the world, and

Soul Talk Sessions

Spiritual Teachers

There is so much universal wisdom to be discovered in the lessons of the world’s founders of faith.  Like the religions

Pop-Up Playdates
Soul Talk Sessions

Violence & Nonviolence

Sadly, violence is something we see far too often.  It can rear its ugly head in homes, schools, neighborhoods, and

Soul Talk Sessions

World Religions

The Earth is home to a wide spectrum of people, cultures, and beliefs, and we don’t often step out of

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