Interfaith Family Festival: November 2nd – 6th, 2018

06 Sep, 2018

The Parliament of the World’s Religions, in collaboration with Spiritual Playdate, is hosting the inaugural Interfaith Family Festival at the 2018 Parliament in Toronto from November 2 to November 6. The first festival of it’s kind to be hosted at a Parliament, the Interfaith Family Festival provides parents, teachers, and children the opportunity to immerse themselves in interfaith and multi-cultural programming, performances, and service events. The festival features 5 days of joyful, engaging, and experiential spiritual exploration for kids, teens, families, schools, faith groups, and all who are young at heart as they celebrate this year’s theme “Plant an Interfaith Garden”.

You’ll experience the world’s faith traditions through:

  • Interactive Games and Apps
  • Live Theatrical and Musical Performances on the Festival Stage
  • Arts and Crafts for all ages
  • Yoga, Meditation, Movement, and Chant
  • Fun Small Group Spiritual Discovery Sessions
  • Virtual Reality Activities
  • Workshops and Service Projects for Tweens and Teens
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Grandparents Day
  • More!!!

Littles:  Meet Soulful Sydney and Miriam as they explore diversity in the Garden of Gratitude or become a player in the Shadow Puppet Theater show The Elephant in the Dark.

Middles: Gather with new friends for Mini-Spiritual Playdates while learning about the World Religions or create giant beads for the Humanity Necklace.

Tweens: Play our newest game the World Religion Challenge or become your own Spiritual Superhero in the interactive workshop Real Life Superheroes.

Teens: Join our Circle Keeping Workshop and learn how to come together to Heal the Teenage Heart or relax with the Master for a Teens Only Yoga Session.

Parents: Go from tired to inspired at Golden Rule Parenting, visit The Nest for a session of Yoga with the Gong or join in the craft activities at one of the Multi-Generational Learning Patches.

Educators: Immerse yourself and be uplifted at our Happy Teachers Change the World Workshop or bring your class or youth group on a field trip to experience all that beauty, culture and diversity that The Interfaith Family Festival and Parliament has to offer.


Come for the whole week, grab a weekend pass (the best value), or even a day pass.
Please Note: Only 3 children are allowed per registered adult, and kids can only be registered after the accompanying adult has registered for the Parliament. Teenagers ages 13 – 17 should be registered as a student throughgeneral registration and select “Interfaith Family Festival” as an add-on to their general registration. 

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