Footprints for Fairness

Spiritual Playdate designed to foster meaningful conversation within families and communities about why it’s important to march and what everyone is marching for. There is intention behind each foot and wheel that hits the pavement -- and this simple Footprints project helps parents, teachers, and youth mentors talk about how acting with non-violent intention can transform the world.

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Soul Talk Topic of the Month


Love is a word that is tossed around a lot. “I love … my family, my friends, my dog, pizza, math, hip-hop, soccer.” But what is the essence of love at its core? We don’t often take the time to acknowledge how love plays out in our lives. In these Soul Talks, we explore all the paths to and expressions of love, and how opening our hearts and being loving, caring people leads to happier and more fulfilled lives for us and everyone.

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A Playdate with a Purpose




Our Spiritual Playdate Program

Have you ever wanted to open up a conversation or exploration about life’s big issues, but just didn’t know how to start? Spiritual Playdate gives you the tools to help you and the young people in your life discover, grow, and connect with each other. Weekly Soul Talks get you sharing and learning about themes like Love, Forgiveness, Fear and Anxiety, and The Golden Rule.

Soul Talks

Soul Talks

Social, emotional, and spiritual discovery sessions

Fun Extras

Fun Extras

Theme based books, games, meditations, video, and music



Fun group vibe with SP apparel, interfaith balloons, and Golden Rulers


Event Toolkits

Create community gatherings

Membership Options

Spiritual Playdate is affordable and scalable for individuals and groups of all sizes. Whether you are a parent, guardian, or mentor; a teacher, youth director, librarian or therapist; or a house of worship, corporation, or interfaith, wellness or peace organization SP Basic, SP Plus or SP Affiliate have got you covered. Let’s discover which program is best for you!

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a teacher to run SP Playdates?2019-11-20T21:19:37-06:00

Teachers love us, but no teaching experience is required. Our user-friendly Soul Talks are created by teachers to make it easy for anyone to run an engaging session for both kids and adults.

What is a Spiritual Playdate?2019-11-20T21:20:14-06:00

You host a small, fun gathering of kids and adults to discover, share, and creatively express about life’s big ideas. SP supplies the roadmap for conversations, activities, meditations, games, and more. Monthly themes are broken down into three Soul Talks, one a week, each lasting about 45 minutes.

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