Guest Blog Post: Telling Children about God

16 Jan, 2019

Telling Children about God
Guest blog post by Done with Religion

Talking to children about God can be a very rewarding, interesting, and learning experience for both parent and child.

Children sometimes come up with some very interesting questions that make the most experienced Christian parent stop and think.

Rather than delve into all the Bible stories, especially old testament stories of killing, pillage, or  even world destruction by flood, I think it is best to stick to the basics. Maybe even as adults we should stick to the basics. The basic messages of the gospel is that God loves us, God accepts us, and God wants a relationship and fellowship with us. That in itself is enough to keep many young minds busy and wanting to know more about a God who loves them.

After spending so many years in an organized church experience and letting others do all the teaching, I have come to the conclusion that it is best for the parent to do some digging, reading, and praying to seek the guidance of the Spirit. The parent will have more of an impact on their children than a stranger who is probably going to follow their particular denomination’s views. The parent can seek the Spirit for themselves and teach their children apart from denominational views.

The Bible frequently uses the analogy of God as a perfect Lover or Parent. Such an analogy assumes we can understand perfect human love and God’s love as one and the same. We can discuss with our children that God loves us unconditionally and demonstrates to us how humans ought to love one another as he loves us.  God’s love is the perfect parental love that we have always desired from our parents and that our children wish from us.

I think the main part of teaching children about God is to keep things simple. Be open as a parent with your fellowship with God and let your children see how the Spirit works in your life. We are obviously not perfect, but how we deal with those imperfections can speak loudly to a child who loves and looks up to their parents.

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