Film & Video Development Intern

We are in need of an intern with experience in film and video development that can help us both identify and create film/video content that will support the Spiritual Playdate curriculum as well as help us to expand our reach.

Responsibilities and skills include:

  • Read through entire Spiritual Playdate website to familiarize yourself with content
  • Check for typos and insure links are active and report any issues
  • Review content of all Soul Talks to identify areas that could be supported by film/video content
  • Work closely with Curriculum Development Director
  • Research existing film and video across cultures and faiths that could enhance the Spiritual Playdate curriculum or be provided as resources to members
  • Possibly contact film/video producers to request use of the content for Spiritual Playdate
  • Develop new film/video content as needed

4-6 hours per week

Forward your resume with a cover letter stating your desired position and availability to