Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to run a Spiritual Playdate?2019-11-20T21:17:43-06:00

It’s simple! You start with one of our themed Soul Talks, accessed online. Then all you need is a quiet space, a tablet or smartphone (or a session printout), and some basic supplies.

Can I use SP as part of my house of worship’s youth program?2019-11-20T21:16:59-06:00

Absolutely! Our Soul Talks create space for authentic conversation and deepened understanding of how your faith works in the lives of your students. And because your families can follow along online, parents can reinforce the messages through theme-based music and games at home.

How will SP help us navigate our two faith home?2019-11-20T21:15:57-06:00

Because SP Soul Talks honor all paths, the door is open for exploration of multiple ideas and beliefs, which leads to understanding and greater respect.

Does SP endorse being religious?2019-11-20T21:15:01-06:00

Our Soul Talks are explorations of life issues and personal beliefs. There is no endorsement of any religion or way of thinking. You are invited to discover and engage with a world of ideas.

Do you have to be a teacher to run SP Playdates?2019-11-20T21:19:37-06:00

Teachers love us, but no teaching experience is required. Our user-friendly Soul Talks are created by teachers to make it easy for anyone to run an engaging session for both kids and adults.

What is a Spiritual Playdate?2019-11-20T21:20:14-06:00

You host a small, fun gathering of kids and adults to discover, share, and creatively express about life’s big ideas. SP supplies the roadmap for conversations, activities, meditations, games, and more. Monthly themes are broken down into three Soul Talks, one a week, each lasting about 45 minutes.

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