16 01, 2019

Guest Blog Post: Telling Children about God

Telling Children about God
Guest blog post by Done with Religion

Talking to children about God can be a very rewarding, interesting, and learning experience for both parent and child.

Children sometimes come up with some very interesting questions that make the most experienced Christian parent stop and think.

Rather than delve into all the Bible stories, especially old testament stories of killing, pillage, or  even world destruction by flood, I think it is best to stick to the basics. Maybe even as adults we should stick to the basics. The basic messages of the gospel is that God loves us, God accepts us, and God wants a relationship and fellowship with us. That in itself is enough to keep many young minds busy and wanting to know more about a God who loves them.

After spending so many years in an organized church experience and letting others do all the teaching, I have come to the conclusion that it is best for the parent to do some digging, reading, and praying to seek the guidance of the Spirit. The parent will have more of an impact on their children than a stranger who is probably going to follow their particular denomination’s views. The […]

6 09, 2018

Interfaith Family Festival: November 2nd – 6th, 2018

The Parliament of the World’s Religions, in collaboration with Spiritual Playdate, is hosting the inaugural Interfaith Family Festival at the 2018 Parliament in Toronto from November 2 to November 6. The first festival of it’s kind to be hosted at a Parliament, the Interfaith Family Festival provides parents, teachers, and children the opportunity to immerse themselves in interfaith and multi-cultural programming, performances, and service events. The festival features 5 days of joyful, engaging, and experiential spiritual exploration for kids, teens, families, schools, faith groups, and all who are young at heart as they celebrate this year’s theme “Plant an Interfaith Garden”.You’ll experience the world’s faith traditions through:

Interactive Games and Apps
Live Theatrical and Musical Performances on the Festival Stage
Arts and Crafts for all ages
Yoga, Meditation, Movement, and Chant
Fun Small Group Spiritual Discovery Sessions
Virtual Reality Activities
Workshops and Service Projects for Tweens and Teens
Parenting Workshops
Grandparents Day

Littles:  Meet Soulful Sydney and Miriam as they explore diversity in the Garden of Gratitude or become a player in the Shadow Puppet Theater show The Elephant in the Dark.

Middles: Gather with new friends for Mini-Spiritual Playdates while learning about the World Religions or create giant beads for the Humanity Necklace.

Tweens: Play our newest game the World Religion Challenge or […]

30 03, 2018

“What’s Your Excuse?” Video Interview

This month Edwina Cowell, creator of Spiritual Playdate, had the honor of being interviewed by Maxwell Ivey, The Blind Blogger.
I​f you don’t know Max, he is a most interesting character! He is blind, but even beyond that he has overcome a mountain of difficult challenges in his lifetime and now, fittingly hosts a show on YouTube called, “What’s Your Excuse?” Max provides an extraordinary amount of hope and inspiration for anyone in his presence.​ Have a listen to our time together and you will likely find that although Max is without sight, he possesses incredible insight. Thank you, Max!

Check out the full video interview here.

4 03, 2018

“Mom, who created God?”

Let’s be honest, our collective unconscious drowns in an ocean of ideas on how to define god and existential theory. From the concept of a single creator, to gods and goddesses, to a force-like intelligent design, to a foot-stomping no such thing, humans have spent lifetimes arguing over the undefinable. We struggle mightily with how to discuss these ideas with our kids without damaging them and that struggle springs from the notion that we don’t often know what we believe ourselves. But avoiding the discussion has gotten us nowhere and it actually thwarts critical thinking skills in ourselves and our children. When you have a topic as complicated as this, you don’t need to know the answers. You need to know what your approach is.

My favorite teaching approach always begins with questions. “It is not the answer that enlightens but the question,” proclaims Ionesco. Critical thinking arises from the process of pondering the question and arriving at answers through thoughtful discernment. This is the approach that serves our children and us as parents, on a higher level. This approach is so liberating because it flirts with truth and opens the doors for more profound exploration and conversation. It allows […]

11 10, 2015

Energize Your Youth iPad Raffle

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