Preparing for Our School Year

Another school year is here! During the summer my son gets to relax, wake up and sleep late, eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. Between home projects, summer trips and activities he indulges playing video games to his heart’s content.  As a parent, I am excited when this glorious moment arrives and […]

The Most Auspicious Jain Festival: Paryushan

Paryushan literally means to retreat from all sides towards yourself. It is the biggest and most important of all festivals for Jains across the world. Each year we celebrate it for at least eight days retreating from all worldly matters as much as possible and taking the time to come closer to ourselves. It is […]

Lord Mahavira, the Courageous One

Over 2500 years ago, circa 599 BC, Queen Trishla gave birth to a divine child. He was named Vardhaman, which means ever-growing, because from the time of His conception, the wealth, power, prosperity and glory of the royal family and the kingdom grew in leaps and bounds. The young Prince’s exemplary courage and fearlessness […]

Progressive Youth Ministry 2016 – The Aftermath

This February, I found myself deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas for the Progressive Youth Ministry 2016 conference (PYM16). Attending on behalf of Spiritual Playdate, this 3-day conference is specific to progressive youth ministers and youth leaders to exchange ideas, come together for worship, and to network. And let me tell you, it was a blast!

There […]

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