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The Boy and the Whale

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 Format: Hardcover  Author: Mordicai Gerstein  Category: Picture Books  Reading Age: 4-7  Publisher: Roaring Brook Press  Published: 21 Nov, 2017  ISBN: 1626725055  Pages: 40  Country: United States  Language: English Tags:Fear & Anxiety | Golden Rule | Buy Now at Amazon
 Seller's Description:

A boy and his father discover a whale tangled in their only fishing net. Is the whale dead? While the man worries about losing their net, the boy worries about the whale. He remembers the fear he felt when, caught in a net himself in childhood, he almost drowned before being rescued by his father. When the whale blinks an enormous eye, the boy knows that he has to try to save the creature, no matter how dangerous doing so may be.

Expressive and perfectly paced, this powerful story, The Boy and the Whale, by Caldecott Medal–winner Mordicai Gerstein was inspired in part by a real-life video of a whale’s rescue, and the creature’s joyful dance through the waves after being freed.