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Friends Stick Together

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 Format: Hardcover  Author: Hannah E. Harrison  Category: Children's book  Reading Age: 4-8  Grade Level: Preschool-3  Publisher: Dial Books  Published: 10 Apr, 2018  ISBN: 0399186654  Pages: 40  Country: United States  Language: English Tags:Golden Rule | Buy Now at Amazon
 Seller's Description:

A touching and timeless story about finding friendship in unlikely places from the award-winning creator of Extraordinary Jane

Rupert is a rhinoceros of refined sensibilities. Levi, the new tickbird in class, is not. He burps the alphabet, tells corny jokes, and does really embarrassing air guitar solos. Worse, he lands right on Rupert and is determined to be Rupert’s symbiotic best pal! Rupert wants him gone. But when Levi finally does bug off, Rupert finds the peace and quiet a little boring. It turns out, Rupert could really use a friend like Levi.

This sweet and moving friendship story shares an important message of acceptance for every reader–whether they’re a Rupert or a Levi.