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Crash Boom Splash

 Format: Kindle  Author: Paul H. Sutherland  Category: Children's book  Published: 04 Dec, 2017  ASIN: B077Y87GG7  Pages: 28  Country: United States  Language: English Tags:Uplift | Buy Now at Amazon
 Seller's Description:

Designed to be read out loud by parents and children together, Crash Boom Splash is a delightful, captivating book sharing a very important topic: tolerance.

Hand-painted watercolor illustrations by Ugandan artist Abel Rutaro bring to life Paul Sutherland’s repetitive and rhyming words, weaving a tale of two sets of children living on opposite sides of a tree. Calamity ensues when they try to learn more about each other, but ultimately the half-dozen discover that the positive virtues of love, tolerance, friendship, respect, connection, and curiosity form the foundation for a lasting friendship.

“I hope your child will ask you to read Crash Boom Splash over and over again until you’re able to tell the story to them without even reading the words!”

Paul H. Sutherland
Father, Author, and Book Reader