Billy Kaplan

Faith Advisor and Musical Consultant

Billy Kaplan’s work is being his wife’s husband and his daughter’s father. To support that work, he is a Clinical Social Worker and a singer-songwriter. Back in the late 1980’s Billy may have been know by teens and folkies hanging out in Washington Square Park in New York City as Mr. Tambourine Man. But now he is a singer/songwriter known for catchy melodies with rich harmonies, and as the composer of “Shabbat Sweet”, a collection of lively and soulful new music for traditional Jewish prayers. Billy plays the baritone ukulele, percussion and keyboards. When not performing original music around the Chicago area, he can also be found playing drums with a local klezmer band, Heavy Shtetl. Billy’s first recording, “Dradle ‘Round the Tree,” is a collection of original winter holiday songs for inter-faith and every-faith families.

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