What is Spiritual Playdate?

Spiritual Playdate is an interfaith web-based program that supports fun, engaging, social, and emotional learning while building the bridges of acceptance through group “playdates” in the home or elsewhere. Kids and their parents, teachers, or mentors discover their beliefs through a diverse framework of faith-based and spiritual resources that we provide, which cover a variety of topics including World religion, The Golden Rule, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love, Sacred Spaces, Spiritual Teachers, and dozens more.

Spiritual Playdate can also be used as a curriculum for youth organizations. Click here to become an affiliate.

Spiritual Playdate is an L3C company: a mission-based corporation that puts its mission above its bottom line. Through a culture of conscious leadership and a focus on serving the global community, we seek to foster spiritual dialogue, creating a platform for understanding and communication. While contributions to L3Cs are not tax-deductible, contributions made to Spiritual Playdate by socially-conscientious organizations and individuals are applied directly to supporting our mission.

Who is Spiritual Playdate For?

Spiritual Playdate is for anyone and everyone! In fact, Spiritual Playdate even breaks down into easy-to-follow topics for specific age groups.* The topics cover similar material, but the conversation is developed to be age appropriate. This way, both parents and mentors are able to present our topics to best suit their play group.

Bright Spirits (Ages 5 through 7)
Spirit Pals (Ages 8 through 10)
And coming soon… Peace Teens for ages 11 through 17!

*These groupings are by no means set in stone. Only you are aware of what the children in your playgroup are ready for.

Why Spiritual Playdate?

What are we teaching our children?

A common question on its face, yet a deceptively simple one. Our kids go to school and learn the basic subjects we all grew up with. They take part in extracurricular activities, expanding themselves physically and mentally through sports, dance, theatre, and various other “clubs.”

But what about their spiritual growth? Where do they encounter elusive concepts such as god, the universe, or spirituality? In a place of worship? At home? Through nature? Oftentimes, the idea of expanding our children spiritually is so daunting that we let go of that goal. Sometimes our own spiritual upbringing may have been so disappointing that the idea of revisiting it with our children is unthinkable.

What about considering the possibility of allowing our children to think critically so that they can discover their own spirituality and if so, how can this possibly be done? We asked ourselves these same questions – and for these reasons and many more, Spiritual Playdate was created.

Isn’t it time to play? Now you can have a Playdate with a purpose.

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