How We Came to Be

Spiritual Playdate began with three mothers struggling to find a comprehensive, spiritual outlet for themselves and their children. In between their busy schedules, they decided to come together with their children to talk about life and god. Their goal was to have healthy, ongoing conversations where they listened to each other share their beliefs. They wanted this time together to be an open forum for them and their children to speak their minds, where there were no wrong answers or opinions. The mothers worked together to create games, activities, and topics regarding different spiritual concepts and skills. They all began to talk to each other, to really explore and discover what they believed in and how. Unfortunately, their group became busy and the playdates started to decrease.



One mother, however, could not forget the magic of sitting with her child on the living room floor and exploring their beliefs together. They kept their discovery going, one on one. As her family’s exploration evolved, she realized that this had become more of a necessity than she had once thought. Surely, since this was such a deep need in her own home, others would desire the same opportunity with their families. So she took this thought one step further and began molding the idea of this discussion into an interfaith website, designed specifically for parents or mentors who wanted to explore spiritual conversations with children of the same age. The website would facilitate the examination of one’s own beliefs as well as those of others. The more she shared her idea with those around her, the more it evolved. It grew more inclusive, comprehensive and universal, and thus Spiritual Playdate came to be!